Thursday, 5 June 2014

New Graphi Studio Album arrival June 2014 - Melissa and Craig Rockliffe Hall Darlington Wedding

Hartlepool couple Melissa and Craig ordered one of our biggest ever Graphi Albums to display their treasured wedding photos. The massive 40x30cm book was also made in an Landscape format to further add to the design.

They opted to add the beautiful Art Box to store the main album and I designed the box for them with photos from their day.

The main book was designed with the popular and gorgeous Crystal Glance cover and a stunning black and white taken by an amazing photographer ( that would be me ;) )

Once stored in the box the Wedding Book can be viewed within the box or removed to view.

Here are just a few shots of the pages i designed for their wedding , the church was at Hartlepool in the North East and the reception at Rockliffe Hall Darlington.

As you can see pink was very much the order of the day and the design of the album was very much in keeping with the theme of the wedding.

And the last lovely touch - A pair of matching parent albums with gloss hardback covers.

Inside of the Art Box - a printed version of their photos on disk hidden away safely.

Photos & Album Design by Andrew Davies Photography
Album by GraphiStudio Italy