Monday, 24 November 2014

Wedding organised in just 48 hours ! at Rudby Hall - wedding photographer Andrew Davies

Wedding Photography from Rudby Hall, North Yorkshire - October 2014

So your getting married and have spent two years planning the perfect day down to the last detail. Time to sit back with just 48 hours to go and enjoy some relax time.

Not for Jonathan and Kathryn, the phone call came whilst Kathryn was in the hairdressers to let her know her chosen venue Crathorne Hall had suffered a devastating fire and was no longer able to accommodate their wedding party.

The following 48 hours was a masterclass in planning and people coming together to help out and they managed with the help of the wonderful staff at Crathorne Hall to secure a new venue and thanks to the Vicar at St Marys Church in Yarm also secured a place to marry. Their new venue was the wonderful Rudby Hall just 8 miles down the road and the staff their also did a monumental job of making everything work like clockwork.

On the day we spent a few hours reccying the new venue so we were not going in cold and did our best to make sure the TV Crews who turned up did not get in the way too much of the couples day !

It turned out to be a great day and one that we will all remember fondly , thankfully Crathorne Hall was saved by a great effort by the fire brigade and repairs are now underway with the hall back open.

So without further ado we present some of our favourite shots from the day:

Photos by Andrew and David © 2014